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                  Company Profle

                  Jiang Xizhen large mechanical manufacturing technology co., LTD., founded in 1984, is a brick machine, setting machine and kiln as the leading factor, r&d, design, production, sales and service in the integration of machinery manufacturing technology Co., LTD. The company is located in nanchang city in jiangxi province prosperous north national economic and technological development zone, covers an area of more than 50000 square meters, fixed assets investment of 200 million yuan, has a complete set of modern mechanical finishing production , is the largest and most patent technology in jiangxi province. Companies adhere to the "professional spirit to create excellent quality, science and technology innovation for development" ideas, and several universities and research institutions to cooperate , bringing together a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel, composed of high-quality scientific research team. 30 years continuously promote product upgrades, the beginning

                  New product introduce